Secrets of Contented Living

Dogs may just be even smarter than we think!

And although many of us think we ‘work like a dog’, there may be some pearls of wisdom that we can actually learn from our canine friends!

Secrets of Contented Living:
  • Never pass up a chance to go for a ride
  • Always greet your loved ones enthusiastically – even if they've only been gone for 5 minutes
  • Sometimes, obedience IS the best strategy
  • Carve out your niche...and be sure to let others know when they have invaded your space
  • Find time to talk long walks and to play every day
  • Eat with gusto
  • Be a loyal, dependable BFF (Best Friend Forever)
  • Enjoy those naps
  • If you see someone who is having a bad day, stay close, nuzzle them and let them know you care
  • Don’t take an occasional scolding too personally…’ll forget it soon enough
  • When you are happy, show it!


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