Do's and Don'ts of Dog Park Etiquette

Dog Park Etiquette

After this long and unrelenting winter, it looks like it is finally time to head back out to the dog park! And some of us may need a 'gentle reminder' about dog park etiquette!

Dog Parks and some new 'off leash' options can be great fun for your pet, and beneficial in many ways. Exercise keeps dogs healthy and can help dogs expend excess energy in a positive way, instead of more destructive outlets like digging, barking and chewing. Dogs also benefit from the social contact that a dog park provides. Approximately 50% of households in America have pets, and so you and your pet are likely to run into other dogs frequently. Visits to the dog park can help your dog keep in practice on meeting and greeting other dogs appropriately.

To ensure that you and your furry friend have a great time at the park, we have compiled some basic rules of etiquette!

"Dog Park Etiquette" – 10 things to remember!
  • When you first arrive at the dog park, leave the leash on your pet for about 10 minutes until your dog gets used to the other dogs there. 
  • Always pick up after your dog and come prepared to do so! 
  • Have your dog trained to make sure your dog will come to you when called 
  • Do not bring a dog that is not comfortable with adults, children, and other dogs. If your dog is aggressive or could be a danger to anyone, they should not be at the park 
  • Supervise your children at the dog park. Teach your kids in advance to ask for permission before petting a strange dog, and to be respectful of the animals there 
  • Never reprimand or punish someone else’s dog 
  • Consider your dog’s personality, and observe their interaction with the other pets before you take them to the park. Just as their owners, dogs have their own personality. Some dogs are outgoing, and others are timid or shy and this could have an effect on their experience! 
  • Be sure your dog is truly having fun at the dog park and isn't spoiling someone else's good time either 
  • Never bring a dog in heat into the Dog Park 
  • Make sure your dog is current on vaccinations and clear of any (internal or external) parasites 


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