Thursday, September 26, 2013

Think carefully when choosing a retractable leash for your dog!

As convenient as this type of leash seems to be, there are many more reasons why pet owners should seriously consider using them in limited situations, if any. 

There are reasons why retractable leashes aren't recommended for your dog….they can be dangerous and cause accidents (cuts, burns, tangled dogs and owners).  Often, a dog can become injured when they are jerked when they abruptly get to the end of the leash (after suddenly running after that rabbit or other dog they saw out of the corner of their eye).  Also, you may stop at a corner, but the dog may continue walking and get hit by a car, bike, truck or even a person.

Retractable leashes can actually encourage dogs to pull. The amount of leash we provide is inconsistent….so the boundaries of what is acceptable is confusing. Sometimes they are given 2 feet, sometimes 6 feet, and if they pull a little harder, they may be given 10 feet. Then, when we are in a busy area, we only give them a few feet so they begin to pull.  Think about how confusing this can be!

So before you grab the retractable leash, consider these things: