Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Allergy Season is Here!

People aren't the only ones suffering during this allergy season!

Many of our pets are likely to feel the effects of the unusually high concentration of pollen we are experiencing; especially of they have Atopic Dermatitis (Atopy), an inhaled allergy.  

Atopy is an inherited skin disease that causes chronic itching in dogs and cats. The symptoms may be seasonal at first;  the pet may be allergic to a pollen from a tree that only flowers for three weeks a year, yet as the atopic pet gets older, the itchiness may occur year round.
It is caused by an allergy to substances that are contacted through the air, either by absorption via the respiratory tract or contact via the skin.

It is the second most common allergic skin condition in dogs (flea allergy dermatitis is more common) and at this point, there are treatments, but no cure.  Antihistamines tend not to be helpful.

Secondary bacterial infections are common. Immunotherapy (allergy shots) is the ideal form of treatment and is recommended for pets that cannot be managed safely and effectively with symptomatic therapy.  This technique is effective 60 to 80 percent of atopic dogs.  Your vet may also be able to recommend natural or homeopathic remedies.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Canine Health Update

Although canine "kennel" cough seems to be winding down, a gastrointestinal bug has been going around. It's like a 24 hour virus in humans.  It's not too serious in healthy adult dogs but is more of a concern in young puppies and senior dogs or dogs with compromised immune systems. 

The parasite Giardia is a big concern during the winter thaw because it survives the freeze-thaw cycle. 

Some simple things you can do to keep your pet 'bug free':

  • Don't let your dog eat tainted snow or drink from a puddle
  • When you bring your dog in from a walk along muddy areas, wash his feet so he doesn't ingest any critters if he licks his feet
Hopefully, we will keep our dogs healthy!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flea and Tick Season Is Here!

Flea and Tick Season

Flea and Tick Season is here! After the long, wet winter, hopefully spring is here and the warm summer days are not far behind. But with warmer weather come those pesky fleas and ticks!

When you board your pet with us, we request that your pet be treated with a topical flea preventative starting in spring all the way through our first heavy frost.