Tuesday, August 26, 2014

School's starting!

Now that kids are going back at school, how is the family pet doing?

Summers are full of play and activities and plenty of togetherness with the family and the family pet!

Now that kids are back at school, there can be a big void in the household for the family pet. This may sound crazy, but it can explain the changes you might be seeing in your pet.


Talk to them as if they were human, as they understand more than we think they do.  Communicating with your pet is even more appropriate if you have a child who has gone off to college.  The pet saw the boxes and luggage, but may not comprehend what is happening and why their special pal is suddenly gone.

Many pets, especially dogs, can have a tough transition.

Know your pet and watch for any signs of anxiety, lethargy or even depression.  Although many cats cherish the quiet time, many others can also be affected by this transition.

Here are a few suggestions and ideas that might help.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To crate or not to crate...?

We often get questions from pet owners asking if they should crate their puppy?  

This is a great article on the benefits of getting your puppy used to and comfortable with, a crate...often a home in a home!  Of course, each dog is unique as are pet owners, so do what is good for you and your pet!

Source:  Pet Place Staff

You're standing in the pet store and there they are: row after row of crates, just big enough for a dog. They're made of fiberglass or plastic or just plain open wire. For all their differences, they evoke just one thought: Jail.

Not so fast. Despite their appearance, crates can be a boon for a puppy – a home-away-from-home or a comfortable retreat for when the rest of the family gets to be too much. Also, crates are great tools for house training because dogs don't like to soil their immediate environment. In addition, for car travel, inside a crate is probably the safest place for a puppy to ride, and, for pups that have to fly cargo, crates provide a touch of the familiar on the plane.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Human Foods to Avoid with your Pet!

Keep our furry friends safe!

ONIONS (and onion powder) contain the chemical compound thiosulfate which can cause hemolytic anemia (abnormal breakdown of the red blood cells).

RAW EGGS contain an enzyme that interferes with the absorption of particular vitamins, and, as with humans, harbor the possibility of getting food poisoning from salmonella or e coli. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Allergic to cats or dogs?

Allergy season can seem like it’s year round, especially if you think you are allergic to cats and dogs!

Pets shed dander, a combination of dead skin cells and hair (or feathers), can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to these allergens.

Cold-blooded pets, such as snakes and turtles, do not produce dander, yet they aren’t the only option for people wanting a warm-blooded pet!

For years, people who struggled with pet allergies thought they were doomed to a life without a pet!

Now there are many breeds of cats and dogs that have been found to be ‘safe’ for those with active allergens.  And there are also many ways to make your home more ‘pet friendly’ and reduce the possibility of those allergens making you uncomfortable or sick.
Take some time to read and research and you may find what you are looking for and more!