Friday, November 20, 2015

Why Does My Cat Eat Plants?

Cat Eating Plants

Some cats don't even seem to be aware of the potted plants you might have while others might seem like they are addicted to chewing on them. So what gives? Cats don't eat the plants, they just seem to chew on them. So why the fascination?

In case you didn't know, cats are obligate, or true carnivores. This means that they do not need any nutrition from plants or greens. Ever. And they absolutely cannot be made to be vegetarian. Their bodies cannot get the nutrients they need from meat substitutes or plants.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

All of us are of course beyond thankful for the pets in our life, past, present, and future. However we also need to make sure they are safe and stress free over the Thanksgiving holiday! 


Make sure your guests and any children know that although sometimes Bailey gets table scraps, these are an absolute no-no. They should also take care to not leave these items lying around where she can get to them!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Boarding A Special Needs Pet

Special Needs Pet Boarding

We started boarding Hobbes, a Wheaton Terrier, three years ago. He was easy to care for because his owner was great about telling us everything we needed to know. Then earlier this year he injured his ACL! Ouch! After surgery and careful treatment, his owners were planning a trip but poor Hobbes needed someone to give him special attention while he was recovering. His owner remembered Pets Are Inn had already done such a great job of looking after Hobbes, and all she needed to do was give us special instructions for his new needs and limitations.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boarding Kennel Stress: What You Should Do

Boarding Kennel Stress

The first thing you should know is that boarding kennel stress is most definitely real!  If you own a dog (or a cat), you know that animals can become stressed just like people do. 

Think about it, imagine taking a young child to a new place with new people and then leaving them there for a few days. How would they feel? Of course they might spend the whole time crying and lose their appetite. That can, and does, happen to many dogs.

Even steady, adaptable dogs can become stressed at a change of surroundings, diet, and routine. Not to mention the smells and other stressed dogs who might be barking and whining.