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December 2015: Winter safety tips

October 2015: Halloween safety tips

September 2015: Must-Know obedience commands for dogs

June 2015: Info about the Canine Flu, Tips for dogs afraid of Thunderstorms, dealing with a dog that pulls on walks

January 2015: Tips for treating minor pet illnesses and injuries, how to get ready for a walk with your dog

October 2013: The dangers of retractable leashes, how to stop your dog from jumping on people

April 2012: Avoiding Soy products for your pet, How to avoid boredom with your dog

February 2012: Coping with an elderly pet, What to do if you see a coyote

June 2013: Topical Flea Preventatives, and the dangers of Cocoa Bean Mulch for your pet

December 2012: Christmas safety tips for dogs and cats

January 2012: How to protect your dog's paws when outside in the cold winter, Surviving your dog's boredom in winter 

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