Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Harley's First Stay with Pets Are Inn!

A note from Harley’s hosts to his owners:

Dear Harley's mom and dad,

Harley missed you guys but he adjusted really well at our house!  The first night he jumped right up on the couch next to Iggy and did what Iggy does best….looks out the window!

Harley loved to supervise in the kitchen, making sure I did things right.

He didn't eat much the first couple of days, which is somewhat normal as dogs adjust to their new surroundings.  Over the weekend, I figured out that if I sat on the floor next to his food dish, he would eat!  So I sat on the floor with him twice a day!

Because it was so cold out, we didn't get much outside activity, but we did make sure to play as much as we could.  A Harley loved Iggy’s toys, even falling asleep with one that had a squeaker.

On Sunday, we spent a lot of time curled up reading.

Harley is exactly like Iggy in that he loves to cuddle, loves to curl up and is such a baby!  And we loved it!

We loved, loved, loved having Harley stay with us and wanted to keep him forever!  Since that isn’t possible, please do let us know (through Pets Are Inn) when he can come back for a visit!  He is the sweetest dog ever and Iggy loved having a friend with such a similar temperament!


Iggy and his parents

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's All in the Name!

Choosing the perfect name for your pet can be challenging (and fun, of course), especially if you are a first time pet owner!

Trends come and go, just as they do for kids' names.  We don't often hear dogs named Fido or cats named Fluffy anymore and a big part of that is because now our pets are an integrated part of the family or home.

We often hear of new parents wanting to wait until their new baby's personality emerges, or they look for a connection to a family member or someone 'famous'.  That same formula works for our pets!  Spend some time when deciding a name...and here are some helpful tips:

  • Choose a name that you like. You will be using it all the time, so you should enjoy the sound of it 
  • Keep it short. Longer names can be difficult for your dog or cat to understand and annoying for you to say over and over again
  • Try out the new name for a few days and see how your pet responds
  • Try to stay away from some of the trendy or common names.  There is a golf community in our area and many of the owners named their dogs Bear after golfer, Jack Nicholas, who is known as the ‘Golden Bear’.
  • Avoid using a name that sounds like a command you plan to teach your dog. It would be confusing to teach FLETCH to "fetch", or for SHEA to "stay", and JOE can sound a lot like "no".
  • Be sure the name isn't one that others may find offensive or embarrassing. This includes potential racial or cultural slurs, general insults, crass slang terms, and anything that has a curse word in it.  Because your favorite character from “Snow White” was Dopey, doesn't make it a great name for a pet!
  • Avoid a complicated name like Sir Fluffy Von Wagglestein, unless you plan to simplify it with “Sir” or “Fluffy”.
  • Try not to change an adult pet’s name unless absolutely necessary. If you must change the name, choose one that sounds similar. “Bailey” can be changed to “Hailey” or “Kaylee,” and “Charlie” can easily become “Harley” or “Farley.”

Hopefully, you will have your pet for a very long time, so choose wisely....and have some fun!  Check out some of 2013's favorites if you need some inspiration!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4 Ways to Survive the Boredom of Cold Weather!!

Winter is here to stay and we aren't the only ones who are anxious for spring! Ever notice how your dogs and cats are getting a little ‘stir crazy’ lately? It won’t be long until they are smelling the spring air or going on those long walks again, but in the meantime, try a few of these little ‘tricks’ to keep your pets active....physically AND mentally:

#1 Mix up their toys. Most pets have a lot so leave two or three out for a couple of days and then remove those and give them different ones. They may forget that they have played with them before and think that they are brand new!

#2 Have them ‘hunt’ for food. Hide treats under rugs, in toys or small containers. Show them what you are doing initially so that I get the idea then let them have fun!