Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Help protect your pet's paws in the snow and slush!

Protect Your Pet's Paws  
When They Are Outside!

The snow has started to fall!

This makes it a tough time for pets and their paws!  When there is ice and snow, there lots of melting products on the ground and most of them are made from salt.  And that can be cause for concern for your pet’s paws and paw pads.

When your pet walks through the ice and snow, particles of salt, sand or even ice crystals can become lodged between the pads. Your dog may even swallow some of the salts by licking his paws, which can make him sick. 

Protecting your pet’s paws and paw pads are an important part of your dog's health!  What are your ‘tips and tricks’?

Here are 6 tips that I have tried to keep my dogs’ paws healthy and safe in the winter: