4 Ways to Survive the Boredom of Cold Weather!!

Entertain Indoor Pets

Winter is here to stay and we aren't the only ones who are anxious for spring! Ever notice how your dogs and cats are getting a little ‘stir crazy’ lately? It won’t be long until they are smelling the spring air or going on those long walks again, but in the meantime, try a few of these little ‘tricks’ to keep your pets active....physically AND mentally:

#1 Mix up their toys. Most pets have a lot so leave two or three out for a couple of days and then remove those and give them different ones. They may forget that they have played with them before and think that they are brand new!

#2 Have them ‘hunt’ for food. Hide treats under rugs, in toys or small containers. Show them what you are doing initially so that I get the idea then let them have fun!

#3 Try a ‘kibble’ scatter in a room where you won’t mind a few extra crumbs! This takes then longer to eat and adds a little challenge to their day.

#4 Be creative. There are many toys that are designed to hide treats of kibbles. But try not to forget where you put them!

Remember, exercise is important, but mental stimulation is just as important!

AND your pets will enjoy the challenges and the added interaction with you!

Of course, there's always the ball of yarn or the favorite shoe to chew! We would love to hear ideas you have to share! And check out some more ideas here.

I am sure we will all notice a little 'spring' in our step soon!


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