6 Tips to Help Your Dog's Paws this Winter

Winter dog paw

Protect Your Dog's Paws When They Are Outside! The snow has started to fall - this makes it a tough time for pets and their paws!  When there is ice and snow, there lots of melting products on the ground and most of them are made from salt.  And that can be cause for concern for your dog’s paws and paw pads.

When your pet walks through the ice and snow, particles of salt, sand or even ice crystals can become lodged between the pads. Your dog may even swallow some of the salts by licking his paws, which can make him sick. 

Protecting your pet’s paws and paw pads are an important part of your dog's health!  What are your ‘tips and tricks’?

Here are 6 tips that I have tried to keep my dogs’ paws healthy and safe in the winter:

  1. After each walk, wash off your pet's feet. This will remove any ice and road salt that can cause excessive dryness. Try dipping your dog's paws a bucket or bowl to make it easier to remove the dirt.   
  2. Trim the hair between your pet's toes.  This reduces chance of collecting ice and snow crystals. Please be careful not to cut the pad!
  3. Before you head out side, try petroleum jelly or Nutri-Vet Paw Guard Wax on the surface of the pads.  Not only is Paw Guard very soothing, it helps protect the pads and paws and can be used to heal cracked paw pads and abrasions.  
  4. Musher's Secret Wax is an invisible dog boot that protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice, and salt with all natural 100% wax-based cream. Great for dogs who just won't wear boots.    
  5. Some people have even suggested spraying the pads with non-stick cooking spray.  It will not hurt the pets if they try to lick it off their feet.
  6. And for the fashion forward pet, try out the paw protector boots they can wear on all fours, keeping them warm as well!
An ounce of prevention will help protect your pet from getting sick and will add to their comfort on a much anticipated walk!


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