“Our time with George, the long hair miniature dachshund"

As the owner of Pets Are Inn, I have met so many wonderful pet lovers who have decided to join our team of host families!

Here is one of recent stories (from hosts Karin and Keith) that they shared with George’s owners after he stayed with them, and what a time they all had!

We first met George when he was just a few months old....and now he is almost 6 months and so full of that wonderful puppy energy and enthusiasm!

We were happy to see him and he seemed happy to see us. We had a great little reunion, complete with lots of snuggles & puppy kisses. We unpacked his bags and got him all set up for his stay.

Then out to the yard to check out all the new scents and foot tracks tracks left by the neighborhood critters.  Initially he wasn't too crazy about the snow, but it didn't take long before he was CRAZY about it… running & playing like a mad man!

Before long, he’d bury his head in the snow and burrow through the drifts like a gopher on steroids. Hilarious!           


Although he LOVED playing outside in the snow, he still loved playing inside with his toys.

Being the adventurous and
creative guy that he is, he found all sorts of ways to entertain himself. In addition to his usual office assistant activities, one day he found an empty water jug that looked like fun.

Another day he thought it’d be fun to steal a couple pennies from the penny can. Fortunately.. he quickly lost interest in them.

But all that fun was tiring….
We only had one occasion to leave him alone for a few hours so we left him to our bedroom with his bed and his kennel (door open) so he could choose between the two for his nap. We found him snoozing when we returned home, but we were quickly welcomed with lots of enthusiasm & puppy kisses.

He slept soundly through each night, snuggled between us in our bed

But by morning… he was ready to roll!

We REALLY enjoy our visits with sweet George…

…he’s welcome back to our house ANY time!


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