Keep your pets safe this 4th of July weekend!


We may love our fireworks and all of the festivities that come with the Fourth of July Celebration, but our pets may not!

Here are eight tips to keep the 4th safe and happy for all of us!

1.    Make sure you keep your pets away from BBQs, sparklers, fireworks and citronella candles

2.    Do not use any sunscreens or summer sprays on your pets that are not specifically made for them
3.    Do not place glow ropes or other ‘festive party favors’ ON your pets.  If digested, they could cause serious health problems or even death
4.    As fun as you think it might be to dress up your pet in the red, white and blues and take them to the parades and celebrations, know your pet!  Excessive noise, fireworks, unsupervised food and drink can be overwhelming, frightening and unhealthy for your pet!
5.    Always keep an ID tag on your pet’s collar.  Many pets become so frightened or confused that they will bolt at the first chance they get.
6.    Keep your pet hydrated during these celebratory times and make sure to fill their water bowls often
7.    If your pet is afraid of the fireworks and the constant ‘booms’ they hear?  The solution is simple…..leave them at home!  Keep them inside with the TV or radio on
8.    Above all, be patient!  Take time to secure your fenced in area so they aren't able to dig under or jump over.  And the constant barrage of noises that are unfamiliar and scary, may cause them to have an unexpected accident .... oops!


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