The Secret to a Good Life

Rules for Dogs

Our canine friends may have discovered the "Secrets of Contented Living"!
  1. Never pass up a chance to go for a ride
  2. Always greet your loved ones enthusiastically – even if they’ve only been gone for 5 minutes
  3. Sometimes, obedience IS the best strategy
  4. Carve out your niche…..and be sure to let others know when they have invaded your space
  5. Find time to talk long walks and to play every day
  6. Eat with gusto
  7. Be a loyal, dependable BFF (best friend forever)
  8. Enjoy those naps we all crave
  9. If you see someone who is having a bad day, stay close, nuzzle them and let them know you care
  10. Don’t take an occasional scolding too personally…’ll forget it soon enough
  11. When you are happy, show it 


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