Why Cats Like Small Spaces

cats small spaces

Have you ever wondered what makes enclosed spaces so appealing to your feline friend?
What is so attractive about those ‘box like objects’ like drawers in the kitchen, bath or bedroom?  Why are they drawn to laundry baskets, paper bags and even a kitchen or bathroom sink?

In my years observing cats and looking at the behavior associated with some of their activities, these ideas come to mind:
They feel secure and safe in these enclosed spaces, these spaces ‘belong to them’, especially of there is another pet or new member of the household.

Many cats seem especially playful in and around boxes.  They can spend hours jumping in and out of the same box.  Have you ever noticed how many ways they can pounce on and around a box?  Why do they seeming appear to be stalking the box?  Is it that predatory instinct in them?  And what fun these little environments seem to be!

Have you ever seen a cat more comfortable than they are curled up and cozy in a drawer or box?  Usually there is a warm blanket or piece of your clothing or a towel that they associate with you and your scent that makes the space even more special.

Cats seem to instinctively prefer smaller, more confined spaces.  They love to burrow deep into their safe space in a world all to themselves.

Just make sure to keep an eye on your feline to make sure they don’t get left behind in a closet or drawer, make sure to check any open space that could potentially and unknowingly get closed off (warm dryer space, closet space) and that the boxes don’t have any tears or ways for them to get hurt!


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