Pet Safety for Thanksgiving

pet safety thanksgiving

Think of your pets this Thanksgiving holiday - not just to give thanks for having them in your life, but to make sure they are as safe and stress free as they can be!

  • Lots of people will be coming and going, with doors often open!  Make sure your pets have proper identification on them should they get out
  • Holiday snacks aren't as good for pets as they are for people!  Keep those munchies, especially chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes and peanuts, out of their reach
  • Poultry and meat bones should NEVER be given to pets.  They can splinter and cause damage to the digestive tract
  • Help your pet find a quiet sanctuary, away from the noise, the crowds and the temptation!  A nice bed, blanket or cozy crate may be just what they need to escape the craziness!  Add a fresh bowl of water that won't be knocked over by guests
  • Remind your guests to respect your pets, ask them not to feed them, pull on them or tease them, especially younger guests!
  • Make sure clean up time is also free from any 'non food' left aluminum foil, wax paper and other food wrappings.  And keep the garbage secured or out of reach immediately!
This doesn't mean you pet can't have fun!  Check out these great Thanksgiving Day Treats from the Animal Planet!


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