Harley's First Stay with Pets Are Inn!

A note from Harley’s hosts to his owners:

Dear Harley's mom and dad,

Harley missed you guys but he adjusted really well at our house!  The first night he jumped right up on the couch next to Iggy and did what Iggy does best….looks out the window!

Harley loved to supervise in the kitchen, making sure I did things right.

He didn't eat much the first couple of days, which is somewhat normal as dogs adjust to their new surroundings.  Over the weekend, I figured out that if I sat on the floor next to his food dish, he would eat!  So I sat on the floor with him twice a day!

Because it was so cold out, we didn't get much outside activity, but we did make sure to play as much as we could.  A Harley loved Iggy’s toys, even falling asleep with one that had a squeaker.

On Sunday, we spent a lot of time curled up reading.

Harley is exactly like Iggy in that he loves to cuddle, loves to curl up and is such a baby!  And we loved it!

We loved, loved, loved having Harley stay with us and wanted to keep him forever!  Since that isn’t possible, please do let us know (through Pets Are Inn) when he can come back for a visit!  He is the sweetest dog ever and Iggy loved having a friend with such a similar temperament!


Iggy and his parents


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