Tips for Transporting Your Cat

transporting cat tips

All cat owners are faced with the question, ‘what is the best way for me to take my cat to a vet appointment’?
Unlike dogs, traveling by car is not natural for a cat and we tend to feel anxious (unless you are lucky enough to have a cat who enjoys the outing!) when we prepare for the trip. 

Here are a few suggestions to make the experience a little less stressful…for you and your feline!

Use a carrier!  

This will ensure a safe transfer (who needs a cat under your feet when driving!) and it will provide a safe place for them during the ride.  Be sure to put a favorite toy and soft blanket inside so they are comfortable.

It’s a good idea to keep the carrier out in the open when you aren't transporting so your cat won’t be threatened by it.  Try putting some treats in there periodically so they get used to going in and out of it.

Be prepared!  Give yourself plenty of time to get your cat in to the carrier so you aren't rushed.  If your cat is new to transporting, consider a trial run before you go to the vet so you both know what to expect!  And remember, a cat can find a new place to hide when under pressure!  Arriving on time and will keep the stress level lower.

Some cat owners have a more successful trip if they spray Feliway® into to carrier 20 – 30 minutes prior as it will help calm and anxious cat!

Keep you cat in the carrier when you get to the vet’s and remember to keep talking softly and in a calm voice to your pet.

The time we spend with our vets is precious.  Make a list in advance of any questions or concerns you have about your cat and the experience will be more beneficial for all!

Praise your cat on the ride home and give them something special when you get home…and leave the carrier out! 

If your cat simply will not get into the carrier, or cannot be confined, you may want to consider some alternatives that are on the market! 

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