A Cat's Point of View at Christmas and the holidays!

Your holiday candles are irresistible for us!  You know how we love to 'paw-test' everything to see what it is!  And what cat, especially those inquisitive kittens, doesn't like to sniff and explore!  But singed paws and whiskers are very painful to us.  We surely don't want to create a fire hazard!  Try those electric candles they have, the are all the rage and are safe for all of us.  Also try to put them out of 'paw reach'.  Oh, and remember the fireplace screen - it's too hot for your furry friends and little tots!
We cats love your holiday plants!  We rarely eat them, but we do so enjoy clawing and licking them!  But remember that poisonous holiday plants could cause us tummy trouble that could ruin our holidays. Help us out and use silk or plastic holiday plants make an equally showy statement without the poison potential.

What temptation those trees are to us!  It's natural for us to think you've bought a new climbing perch, complete with cat toys that swing, sparkle, and invite paw-pats and biting. We love heights you know and what a challenge it is for us to climb and knock the whole thing down. You would be so proud if we make to the top! 
One year my owners made it hard for me to even get close to the tree!  They put aluminum foil all around the tree, and they know I don't like that odd feeling when I walk on it! I thought the shiny surface was part of the decoration!   They are so clever that they even dipped white cotton balls in Vicks and stuck them in the tree, knowing that my sense of smell would keep me away!  It looked like real snow; imagine my surprise when I got a whiff of menthol!

But I think I have finally figured it all out!  Who needs that tree with all of those tricks!  I am purrfectly content with a few empty boxes, big ragged bows and that crinkly paper that makes such a great sound! 

And please keep the holiday nog out of my paw's reach...It's like milk, after all...



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