Why Does My Dog Kick Grass After Pooping?

By Karen Becker Has this ever happened to you? You’re walking little Buddy on his leash and like the well-trained boy he is, when you give him a verbal cue to poop, he produces almost immediately. Voila! You’re standing ready with biodegradable poop bag in hand, and as you bend over to collect his deposit, grass and soil pelts your face because Buddy, having done his business, is kicking up his heels in celebration. What the heck? Here’s the simple explanation for Buddy’s post-poop happy dance: Wild canines kick the ground after pooping to tidy up (much as cats do in their litter box), and also to mark territory. Your dog has glands in his feet that secrete pheromones, and a couple of backward scrapes of the paws release those chemicals, thus “claiming” the spot. 
That’s why dogs spend so much time sniffing the ground, bushes, tree trunks, and anywhere another animal may have eliminated. Little Buddy is constantly monitoring his territory and sniffing out information about other dogs who have come and gone.

If your dog is destroying the grass on your lawn with this, there is a solution. Take him for a walk around the block twice a day instead.


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