What's In a Name: Lucas Terrier

The Lucas Terrier is a small terrier breed which originated in England in the late 1940s. The breed was named by Sir Jocelyn (you guessed it) Lucas, 4th Baronet and all living Lucas Terriers in the UK can trace their ancestry back to a small number of his original Lucas Terriers. 

Lucas was a long-time Sealyham breeder in the first half of the 20th Century and bred the first cross between a Norfolk Terrier and one of his own Ilmer Sealyhams. Ilmer Sealyhams were smaller than the mainstream show Sealyhams of the time. He found the mix produced an intelligent and feisty dog with an excellent temperament, suitable for use as a working terrier but equally happy as a domestic pet, and so named the cross after himself.


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