8 Items That Can Help Make Life Easier for Senior Pets

Let's face it, getting old stinks! It's not fun for anyone — and that includes our four-legged friends. But, there are things that we can do to make growing older a little easier for our pets. These eight easy-to-use products can help keep elderly pets feeling young at heart.

1. Dog Shoes
Some lightweight shoes can help your senior dog cope with the elements. They should have traction to help your senior dog on slippery surfaces. These little shoes will help protect paws from extreme temperatures and abrasive surfaces. Check out these Summit Trex

2. Lifting Harness
If your dog has trouble climbing stairs or getting in and out of the car, a front-lift harness offers a real mobility boost. You can also get a back-lift version for dogs who have trouble with their rear legs. Check out Lift 'Em Up

3. Washable Doggy Diapers/ Pee Bands
As your pet gets older, she may have urinary accidents. Washable diapers can help make your pet's incontinence more manageable for her and for you. But, be sure to change them as soon as they get damp to avoid skin irritation. Check out Doggie Dungarees

4. Orthopedic Dog Bed
Made with durable foam, an orthopedic bed is designed to help senior dogs feel more comfortable while getting rest. Get one that is water-resistant and has a machine washable cover in case there are any accidents due to your pet's older age! Check out Happy Hounds

5. A Ramped Litter Box
Having an elevated ramp on your litter box can help a senior cat have easy access to their litter. Make sure that any litter box you choose is 1.5 times the length of your cat. Check out Booda Dome

6. Pet Stairs
Make it easier for your dog or cat to get on the sofa or bed with wide, rubber-gripped steps. You can also get some with removable tread for easy cleaning. Check out Pet Gear Easy Step

7. Stroller
Even if your senior pet can't go for long walks like he used to, he can still enjoy a stroll through the park in a stroller. Get one that is easy to handle and has shock absorbers to make the ride more comfortable! Check out Next Gen All-Terrain Stroller

8. Field Coat
As some dogs get older, they become more sensitive to cold air. Help keep your dog warm all winter long with a protective coat. Check out Field Coat for Dogs

Source: Vet Street


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