Boarding A Senior Pet

Senior Pet Boarding

It can be hard to watch a beloved pet slowly age. It seems like all of a sudden they can't do stairs as well, they need a boost to jump up on the couch, and they don't enjoy the longer walks as much. Our senior pets give us so much and we want to make sure they are comfortable and get the best care. 

Senior pets need someone who will look after them carefully, make sure they are comfortable and not being bothered by children or other dogs. They need quiet places to rest and some need regular medications. Some kennels do offer special services for senior pets, but they can be costly and restricted, and even then you probably don’t want your pet sitting alone in a kennel all day.

It might also be difficult to ask a family member or friend to watch your older dog, because you know there might be extra work involved and you don’t want someone without experience watching a senior pet.

Pet sitters are another option, but they have a tendency to fall through. We have received countless last-minute reservations from people who thought they were going to save money with a pet-sitter, who suddenly became ill, had an emergency, took on an over-active puppy, or chose a higher-paying client instead. 
senior dog boarding
Enter Pets Are Inn and "W", an example of our senior pet care - pictured right. We have been boarding W, a long-hair chihuahua, for almost his entire life. He is 16 years old now. 

Because we have stayed in touch with his owner and kept his profile up to date, we are able to make sure that W is well-cared for, no matter the changes, for when he stays with us and his host Sharon. We always try to board pets with the same hosts, and this is especially true with senior pets who have more needs!

In 2006, we received notice from his owner that he shouldn’t jump up on things because it might hurt his back. Even though at this point W wasn’t quite a senior yet, we still need to know these details so that we can take good care of a pet throughout their whole life!

In 2012 we got notice that he was having trouble with his knees and was possibly getting luxating patellas. Because our hosts were aware of this, they weren’t worried when he limped or lifted his paw. They also knew no long walks! Walks were still good exercise, of course, as long as they don’t irritate his arthritis.

Today, in 2015 he is starting to have hearing problems, and he is sleeping a lot. We have been getting regular updates at this point as his owner is working on his medications for his pain and balancing it with how much it affects his diet. We have been double checking to make sure his profile is always up to date!  W’s host has been kept posted as well, and she keeps a close eye on his appetite and diet.

We understand that it can be difficult to trust someone you have never met with your precious four-legged family member, but we have been doing this for 25 years and have the experience and resources needed to make your that your pet has a comfortable and safe place to stay while you are away. 
"I think it is so important to have a place where you can have a senior pet and not worry. W. could never stay in a kennel -- he had a hard time even when he was young (which brought me to Pets Are Inn); he would just not manage it at all as a senior. Pets Are Inn is just wonderful because you know W. and you try to place him with someone he knows and who knows him, so there isn't all that time adjusting to his idiosyncrasies, and his changing idiosyncrasies.  He is so much less anxious, and always well-adjusted when I get home." - W's owner
If you would like to learn more about our senior pet boarding services, please contact us!
senior dog boarding


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