Tailgating Tips for Dog Owners

Football season can be a lot of fun, especially when you include your dog! This year, make sure you and your dog are tailgating right.

1. Make sure dogs are allowed.

Some tailgating areas don’t allow dogs (lame). Before you get your dogs ready for the game, double check that they are welcome to come along!

2. Have a treat area with dog safe food.
It’s a cute and fun way to help tailgaters know what food is safe to feed your dog. 

3. Remind guests of common tailgate foods that are toxic to dogs.
  • Chicken Wings
  • Alcohol
  • Onions & Garlic (salsa, etc.)
  • Avocados (guacamole, etc.) 
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate

4. Incorporate dog toys into your game area.
If you’re tailgating all day, your pup will definitely need some toys to stay entertained!

5. Show your pride with a bandanna!
Everyone loves a cute bandanna, especially one that represents their school! This Etsy shop has collar-slip bandannas for all the SEC and Big 12 schools!

6. Keep your dog on leash, or use a tie-out.
Sudden loud noises, moving vehicles, unattended food tables, unfamiliar dogs, and playing children, are just a few reasons why your pet should be kept on a leash while tailgating.

7. Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water.
Constantly make sure your dog has access to a large bowl of fresh water. If you have a pup that never slows down, make sure you consistently offer them water.

8. Use safe pet paint.
Painted pooches are becoming a common site at tailgates and football games. If you decide to paint your pet, make sure you use a safe, veterinarian approved pet paint. Never use bleach or oxidizing dyes on your pet.

9. Clean up after your dog
Remember the phrase “party pooper?” Yeah. Don’t forget the poop bags.

10. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with up-to-date tags.
If your pup decides to crash someone else’s party, you’re definitely going to want to make sure they know which human to return him to.

11. Provide plenty of shade.
Make sure your dog has a comfy place to escape from the sun. If it’s really hot, consider using a cooling mat to help keep your dog extra cool.

12. Make sure human trash is secure.
Keep your dog safe by making sure half-eaten food and other trash isn’t left lying around.

13. Watch your dog for signs of stress.
  • Panting
  • Trembling
  • Hypersalivation
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Clinging to owner
  • Aggressiveness
  • Hiding
  • Running off
  • Destructiveness

14. Give your dog a quiet place to relax.
Tailgates can be exhausting for your dog, especially if they are all day events. Bring a kennel and a blanket in case your dog gets stressed, or needs a quiet place to relax.


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