Why Should I Be A Pet Sitter?

pet sitter

Interested in pet sitting jobs or just animal jobs in general? Are you thinking about becoming a pet sitter?

When we look for people to be hosts for our customer’s pets, there are a few things that we take into consideration.

The number one thing we look for in our pet hosts is that they truly love animals. Sure, we give them a small stipend for dog sitting, but they aren’t going to be buying a new car with it. We are so lucky because most of our hosts do what they do because they love caring for pets, and they view the pay as an added bonus. Our hosts give our customers’ pets the best care they can, and that is what makes our customers so satisfied with our business! We couldn’t do it without them!

Another thing we look for in pet hosts is experience. Have you owned a pet before? Sometimes we get contacted by people who are interested in pet care because they have never owned a dog or cat before and want to see what it’s like. However, we are not going to teach people how to care for pets. We want hosts who have experience or knowledge in how to care for animals so that our pets are cared for by someone who already knows what to do.

You CAN be a host if:
  • You already have a pet. Give them a playmate! (However we do not board cats with people who already own cats)
  • You have small kids. Some pets love playing with children more than adults! It’s also a great chance to teach your children about how to care for animals and see if they are ready to car
    e for their own!
  • You don’t have a fenced yard. That’s what walks and leashes are for!
  • You live in an apartment. We have plenty of hosts who live in apartments, just make sure you are allowed to have pets in your apartment building!
  • You have a restricted schedule and can only take pets on certain dates. We work with you to give you pets when you are available!
  • You only want small/big/adult/puppy/certain breeds. That’s just fine! We have many dogs and can get you just what you’re looking for. We work with your preferences on all levels.

Do you love pets and have experience with them? Apply to be a Pets Are Inn pet sitter today!
pet sitter


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