Boarding Kennel Stress: What You Should Do

Boarding Kennel Stress

The first thing you should know is that boarding kennel stress is most definitely real!  If you own a dog (or a cat), you know that animals can become stressed just like people do. 

Think about it, imagine taking a young child to a new place with new people and then leaving them there for a few days. How would they feel? Of course they might spend the whole time crying and lose their appetite. That can, and does, happen to many dogs.

Even steady, adaptable dogs can become stressed at a change of surroundings, diet, and routine. Not to mention the smells and other stressed dogs who might be barking and whining.

Some owners don’t notice that their dog is stressed in these situations because they don’t show the signs when they are at home. Some signs of kennel stress may be: aggression, excessive barking/whining, loss of appetite, licking of lips, pacing, and depression.

So what can you do to help your dog with kennel anxiety?

Well, of course, you could always look for alternatives!

Pet sitters and in-home boarding services are always an option. However you might not be comfortable letting a stranger into your house, or there is always a chance that your sitter might cancel or take on an aggressive dog.

This is where Pets Are Inn is a great option. We place your pet with a host family based on an over-the-phone interview where we ask you all sorts of questions about your dog’s behaviors and needs. The more you tell us, the easier it is for us to find the perfect place for your pet. You will benefit from using a service that has been in business more than 25 years and there is no need for strangers in your home!

Also, your pet will always be the only “guest” in the host’s house. While the host might have pets of their own, we do not place your pet with them if you tell us yours does not do well with others. During our vetting process, we check our host’s pets to make sure they are non-aggressive and well-socialized. If the pets do display discomfort when meeting, we immediately place your pet with a new family instead.

Are you in one of our territories? Check here to make a reservation today!

If you are not in one of our territories or can’t afford to use us, there are other options to condition your pet to become more comfortable in a boarding kennel environment.

  • Condition your dog to being boarded! Day stays or short overnights would get them used to it. You can also start at home by using a crate, kennel, or other form of confinement.
  • Talk with the kennel! Tour it and ask questions about how, and if, they accommodate anxious pets. This might require more money and time on your part to get your pet the extra space and attention they require
  • Ask about how they are exercised. If dogs are exercised together, ask how they are monitored. Some kennels let dogs run in the play yard unsupervised.

You can also look at alternatives likes pet sitters or individuals who take dogs into their homes, but these can be difficult to screen and you may need to plan ahead to ensure a spot.


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