Boarding A Special Needs Pet

Special Needs Pet Boarding

We started boarding Hobbes, a Wheaton Terrier, three years ago. He was easy to care for because his owner was great about telling us everything we needed to know. Then earlier this year he injured his ACL! Ouch! After surgery and careful treatment, his owners were planning a trip but poor Hobbes needed someone to give him special attention while he was recovering. His owner remembered Pets Are Inn had already done such a great job of looking after Hobbes, and all she needed to do was give us special instructions for his new needs and limitations.

Luckily she had already boarded with us and knew that we would be a perfect fit, but there are many out there who think that because their dog needs special attention they can’t board them and have to guilt-trip family and friends whenever they want to leave town for a weekend. Or they feel they need to pay expensive boarding fees at a vet clinic to make sure their pet gets the care they need!

We decided to place Hobbes with host who would be able to give him more attention than his regular host. Sue made sure that his play didn’t get too strenuous, his walks were limited to 2 blocks, and that he got his medication at its regular schedule. Not only that, but she did his physical therapy every day instead of every other! Hobbes’ owner was blown away by the care he received, and definitely let us know how impressed she was.

The truth is, all of our hosts are pet lovers at heart. Yes, we pay them, but it’s nothing to pay the mortgage with. They do it because they love animals and want to make sure that they are cared for and loved. The happy kisses are payment enough!

Hobbes is a unique story, but we have many other stories of dogs with owners who were concerned that we wouldn’t board their dog or be able to find a host for their particular needs. And that is just not true. We always have someone who can handle your dog’s complicated medication schedule, who isn’t afraid to give diabetes shots or pills down the throat, who has had experience with torn ACLs, seizures, or weak hind legs. You name it, and we have a host who can do it and has probably done it before.

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