Kitten Kindergarten: Socializing Your New Kitten

Kitten Kindergarten

While most people know that socialization is a very important part of a new puppy's life, some people are beginning to realize the same thing goes for kittens. A well-socialized cat will have the skills to cope with new situations and people.

Why do kittens need to be socialized? Well, you might think that whether or not a cat is standoffish or affectionate are based on personality, but like dogs it also has to do with their development. This is why some vet offices are now offering Kitten Kindergarten classes for kittens age 8-15 weeks.

Kitten PawOne of the best ways to ensure kittens find and stay in forever homes is to socialize them. Which is to say, give them positive experiences with lots of different people, animals, unfamiliar cats, new environments, and human handling.

Kittens exposed to these things during the critical developmental period of 8 to 15 weeks are more likely to be friendly and social adult cats. They are also better equipped to handle the everyday stresses of life, such as a change in their human's work schedule, or the arrival of a new member of the household.

Different Kitten Kindergarten classes offer different things, but the most important thing is that they train your kitten to be comfortable with new places, people, and situations. A well-adjusted adult cat will make things easier in the future!

When they have the skills to cope, cats are much less likely to "act out" as kitties do when they're stressed – by spraying, for example, or eliminating outside the litterbox. They are also better able to be full members of the family rather than fearful cats who live under the bed.

Local Minneapolis Kitten Kindergarten Class: Westgate Pet Clinic

If you have any recommendations for locations of classes in other cities/states, please add them in the comments!


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