Products for Your Pet's Oral Care

Products for Pet Oral Health

A majority of adult pets suffer from some degree of periodontal disease, which means that maintaining your pet’s oral hygiene isn’t a luxury — it’s a vital piece of her healthcare routine. Vet visits for dental cleaning or tooth extractions can be costly and stressful, so it's best to prevent the problem before it has a chance to start. 

We have blogged before about other tips to follow to keep your pet's mouth healthy, but here are some products you can invest in now to save money on dental cleanings later.

1. Treats and Chews
These might be the most popular and common solutions. Choose treats that encourage repetitive scraping to help clean the teeth.
Examples: Greenies, Whimzees and raw meaty bones

2. Chew Toys
These can have both yummy flavors and enticing textures (that also clean your dog's teeth) and are fun and interactive for your pet.
Examples: Nylabone and Petstages

3. Probiotic Powders and Water Additives
These are an easy way to effortlessly incorporate dental care into your pet's daily routine (without them even knowing anything has changed!)
Examples: Essential Healthymouth

4. Pet Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Like with humans, brushing helps keep teeth and gums healthy.
BEWARE: You MUST get pet-specific toothpaste for your pet. They can't enjoy the same minty toothpaste their two-legged family members use.
Click here to read our guide to brushing your pup's teeth!


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