Fleas in the Fall?!

fleas fall

One thing to know about fleas is that they no know season. Even though many of us think otherwise, flea protection is necessary even when the weather starts to cool.

We may think that fleas, like migratory birds insects, head south or hibernate during the fall and winter. Not so!

Autumn is the worst season for fleas and even winter warm spells offer ideal weather just the way fleas like it - balmy and damp. They are also likely attracted to the warm skin of your dog as he romps through that leaf pile!

Not only that, but fleas may also live and raise families indoors under warm conditions. Flea larvae may take up residence in cracks between floorboards or in carpets and mats.

A survey of vet clinics in 2000 found reports of flea infestations during winter and dogs from homes with cats had a higher prevalence of fleas (especially if the cat spent time outdoors).

For this reason we ask that you continue administering your chosen flea preventative throughout the autumn and winter months!


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