The Top 11 Riskiest Dogs to Own (From an Insurance Perspective)

Risky Dog Breed

As a pet boarding company, we've come to know a lot of breeds of dogs pretty well. We've met some terrifying toy breeds who we wouldn't let within a mile of a small child, and we've met pit bulls who are utter babies. But that doesn't mean your insurance company cares. If you own one of these "risky" breeds, you might face some big headaches when it comes to homeowner's or renter's insurance.

These days, companies are pickier than ever about which breeds they'll insure. The reason: they don't want to deal with a potential lawsuit if someone gets bitten or hurt by your dog while they're in your home.

Pit BullThe company might completely deny coverage because of your dog's breed, which means you'll have to find a carrier that doesn't, which might be more expensive. Furthermore, since multi-policy discounts depend on having both home and auto policies with the same company, you might find yourself having to switch auto insurance companies as well.

If you're thinking you could get the dog anyway and not tell your insurance company, this means that they may deny your claim since you didn't disclose it earlier.

Every company is different, but as a rule these 11 breeds (and any mix of them) are denied the most often (with the top 4 more often than any other):
    German Shepherd and Rottweiler
  1. Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers
  2. Doberman Pinschers
  3. Rottweilers
  4. German Shepherds
  5. Chows
  6. Great Danes
  7. Presa Canarios (Canary Mastiffs)
  8. Akitas
  9. Alaskan Malamutes
  10. Siberian Huskies
  11. Wolf-hybrids
Bottom line: This list isn't to say that you shouldn't get a pit-bull... those guys can be pretty darn sweet! But you should call your insurance agent to find out if they cover the breed, and if not, what the cost would be to get an insurance company that does.


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